Who we are?

About Bahara Cake

BAHARA CAKE team started its home production in 2015
By producing all kinds of traditional and modern cakes and sweets
BAHARA CAKE team started with Bahare and Yalda Sadeghi, and today, with a large team, they operate in the world of cakes and sweets professionally and with homemade taste.


Mrs. Bahareh Sadeghi is the company's co-founder and will serve as the Company's General Manager. She holds an MBA and a bachelor in food science. She is an expertise in food science and has launched a startup in the field of training and ordering cakes in Iran.

She has the required knowledge of technical and management to help the team grow the business based on the desired company plan. Her capability and experience, and other characteristics such as teamwork, diligence, and a creative mind enable her to manage and lead the business.

As a Canadian Company's General Manager, Mrs. Sadeghi will be responsible for developing high-quality business strategies and plans, leading and motivating subordinates, and overseeing all business activities to ensure they reach the desired results and consistent with the Company's overall strategy.

Mrs. Sadeghi will coordinate the day-to-day operations, measure performance data, maximize effectiveness and efficiency, manage staff, determine staff requirements, perform recruiting campaigns, and interview prospective


 Mrs. Sadeghi's primary responsibility will be to increase sales through advertising. By establishing a network of dependable external firms and marketing specialists, she will create, implement, and manage all marketing and advertising efforts.

She will create and organize promotional campaigns, PR, and other marketing initiatives across channels, as well as build a viable marketing plan for the department and supervise its day-to-day implementation. Furthermore, she will be in charge of the marketing budget.